How I Got Here

I have always been curious, an aware observer.  I am intrigued by human behavior, including my own.  I notice and appreciate subtleties and seemingly insignificant little things taking place within my scope of experience.   


This has led me to question things I was programmed to believe. Taking the road less traveled and moving forward even when I cannot see my next step has created opportunities for self-awareness and transformational personal growth.   


As a sensitive, intuitive woman, I recognize that healing is an inside job.  My healing journey includes paths and directions that seemed unconventional at times but have converged in such a way as to bring about a strong sense of cohesion.  Within this space, I am aligned with my innate wisdom and strengths.


I was born into a family system where difficulties were a common, daily occurrence. Much of my adult life has been devoted to overcoming childhood adversity, and releasing trauma. Throughout my experience, I have wandered from my healing path.  The struggles I encountered during those times served to reinforce my willingness to surrender to this path of intentional healing through self-examination, self-love and self-acceptance.


 We are all multi-faceted Beings and need different things at different times. Sometimes even words need to be spoken in different ways to be understood by the listener. We are each unique yet also perfect, whole and complete.  I am here to help you remember who you truly are; perfect, whole and complete. 

It sort of started in a cave, but really way before that...

I was always a bit of an introvert. A bookworm. I wanted to be a writer (I guess I sort of am). Over the years, I've kept journals at different times. Mostly dark times in my life. I've finally made it a regular habit.

Looking back at journals from the 1990's, through early 2000's, I had scribbled everywhere about going to meditate in a cave. Go to Thailand, go to India, go to Asia, go to the temple, go to the monks, need to meditate in the caves; all examples of excerpts from my journals.  ​

When I was managing a busy and highly successful nightclub, at peak times of stress I'd go into my office and google the going rate for a trip to Thailand. I felt the pull.

After I left that job, I moved back to Florida and lived on a beach. I took a management position at a resort, and had plenty of time to myself. I took up a daily yoga practice (which I'd discovered in the early 90's), meditated, and spent time reflecting on my life. I had never chosen what to do or be in life, I just followed threads toward what I thought would be good for me. It was time to make choices.  

When I practiced yoga, I'd cry. I knew I was healing. I knew I was called to teach. I also still heard that call to Asia.

So, I went to India. I left my life behind.  I immersed myself in the Ayurvedic & Yogic lifestyle, committing to a three month course. 

In India, I ended up in the cave that had been calling me, in Tiruvannamalai, at the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi. In this cave, I had an awakening that has shaped my life.  The question of “Who Am I” was the main teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi, and has become the question always lying under the surface for Lisa. This question leads to deep exploration of the self, and following this exploration has brought me (and continues to lead me) on quite a journey.

I offer a variety of services  and workshops to help

you discover and heal


from the inside.



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Holistic Health Practitioner

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Yoga and Meditation Instructor

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