I am intuitive.

I am sensitive.

I am curious.

I've spent my life exploring myself and understanding human behavior.

I come from humble and challenging origins.

I clawed my way out and up to perceived success.

A career in hospitality management.

Money. Luxuries. Respect.

But I wasn't happy.  Far from it.




Empty inside.

I knew I was meant for more.  Much more.

So I walked away.  As far away from my life as I could get.

In 2007, I went to India.

I began dismantling every idea of who I thought I was supposed to be, and moving closer to who I truly am.

I've allowed myself to change and grow as I've healed my trauma.  My true self has emerged.

Over the years I've continued to peel away layers, add to my skillset and refine myself as an instrument for healing.

Following my needs has enabled me to become proficient within the realm of holistic health.

I will hold your heaviness and help you explore:

  • why you carry it

  • how to let it go.

To be held in unconditional love and in a truly safe space is a rare gift.  

This is what I offer you.

Hi, I'm Lisa


Always held, always guided

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Running Chicago Marathon

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Tree hugging with family

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Always held, always guided

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Lisa in India, 2007

Professional Bio

Lisa McNett is an internationally known breathwork practitioner and founder of One Breath Institute. She has dedicated her life to helping people heal from the effects of trauma through self-empowerment and introspection, developing a wide scope of practice and depth of knowledge.  Lisa lives within the question "Who Am I?", and encourages you to do the same. She believes this is the single most important question we can ask ourselves, and that our body is the greatest vehicle we have for uncovering our answers.

Peace is every step.

The shining red sun is my heart

Each flower makes me smile.

How green, how fresh all that grows.

How cool the wind blows.

Peace is every step.

It turns the endless path to joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh