Breathwork, in my experience, is the quickest way to move into a deeply meditative, healing space.  Most of us don't breathe as deeply, or receive as much oxygen as we need.  Our brain uses 20-25% of our oxygen supply as nourishment.  But in today's world with pollution, air-conditioned environments and less exercise, we are just not getting what we need.  The result is dimmed awareness, foggy thinking, confused and/or slow responses, inability to make clear decisions and more, but we have got so used to it that we think of it as normal.  


When we increase the amount of oxygen going to the brain, we awaken the system again.  Through our connected breath pattern, we not only restore our brain by giving it what it craves, but we also nourish our internal organs, release locked in trauma, and so much more!


When we increase our oxygen supply, we nourish our brain and internal organs, and we reconnect with our SELF.  


Breathwork is a healing modality utilizing the power of the breath. The type of breath I most frequently work with is a conscious connected breath. When we practice this breath, we have the opportunity to access emotions, feelings, sensations, memories, which have been locked away in our subconscious. Once we access these, and become conscious, we have the opportunity to heal.   


Breathwork facilitates release and can help overcome anxiety, depression, addiction, connect you to your intuition, restore creativity, open your heart, and increase your desire for self-care and self LOVE.  

What to expect in a one to one session:

Your first appointment may be up to 2 hours, as we conduct a thorough intake and discuss what you'd like to work on and your current state of health. Subsequent appointments are 90 minutes. Appointment time is approximate - every appointment includes an initial check-in, 60 minutes of breathwork, and space for integration and grounding.


You will experience an hour long breathwork session, with me guiding and coaching you. I am fully present with you. Anything can happen during a breath work session, it can be a gentle and light experience, or intense and emotional. After your session, you may feel relaxed and refreshed, and you may feel tired.


The first time you experience breath work, you discover it's the beginning of a journey towards healing.  In order to receive maximum benefit, I recommend multiple sessions.  For this reason, I offer packages.

To discover more about breathwork

I offer group breathwork sessions regularly. Groups are a great way to experience breathwork for the first time! Check my event page for an upcoming class, or contact me to schedule one for your group!

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