Who is Danielle?

I am a Mental Health Professional who has a passion for fitness and nutrition.  I am also an ex-athlete who went from high activity levels to nothing in less than a year which in turn caused mental and physical changes and challenges.  I then spent over 3 years trying to figure out what a healthy lifestyle meant and what was included in that healthy lifestyle. I have spent the last 8 months not only figuring out what a healthy lifestyle meant for me, but also helping other women do the same.

Being a coach was not something I was looking for, but little did I know it was exactly what I needed.  It gave me a reason to focus on myself through getting active and personal development. Once I started feeling like the best version of myself, I HAD to share with every person I knew because EVERYONE deserves to feel this way.

Who are you?

You are a woman who knows a healthy lifestyle is about uniting fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Maybe you want a change in your life, something feels like it is missing and you are ready to figure out what that missing piece is. Maybe you know what it is like to look in the mirror and not be happy with you see and you want to help other people figure out how not to feel that way anymore. Maybe you are on the other end of this journey are know what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle and are looking for a way to turn it into a job.

You are ready to be apart of a team. You are ready to be connected with badass women who are taking the fitness world by storm and helping others at the same time.

Why We’re the Perfect Match!

You want to know how to take your passion for a healthy lifestyle to help other women do the same. You want to work together to make a healthy future for yourself and others. Why are we a perfect match? Because we see the same future. We are both focused on walking this lifestyle with like-minded women who believe in one another and lift one another up.

YES, we ARE the perfect match!

I'm ready to get started!


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