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Breathwork transforms trauma and accumulated stress into presence, freedom, and joy! 

This is just one reason we are seeing a rise in the popularity of breathwork as a healing modality worldwide. 

Are you ready to answer the call, and be the change you wish to see in the world?

Become a certified breathwork facilitator with our breathwork training online

Our Mission:

Redefining healing through person-centered education to resolve trauma and inspire heart-centered communities,

one breath at a time.



Breathwork is one of the fastest growing healing modalities today - because it works.


You are invited to live the life you seek with confidence. You can transform and become the best version of yourself for yourself and those you encounter.  When it comes to healing emotionally, learning to love one's self, to thrive in your life and relationships - No other healing modality compares to your breath.

Along with breathwork training you will learn anatomy, kinesiology, trauma, dreamwork and so much more!

At this time, our comprehensive breathwork training is delivered through the Zoom online platform.  It is a free platform for you and easy to use.  Here, we host live classes, 1:1 sessions, group conscious connected breathing and more.  The path to becoming a certified breathwork facilitator is comprised of three modules, which can be completed within a nine month span.  We recommend completing the modules back to back, and because we understand there are different needs and learning styles, you may also complete modules at your own pace.

Our breathwork training starts with a personal journey. This personal journey is designed for deep connection with yourself, to get real, to feel and to heal.  It is important to experience breathwork and the healing transformation prior to learning the academics.

In addition to our certified breathwork facilitator training, we offer the opportunity for you to take breathwork to the next step as a breathwork instructor.  Our Road to Practitioner is our breathwork instructor course - and is module 4 of our training programs.

The goal of our breathwork training is to prepare you with the necessary tools to grow personally and professionally. 

This really is a training course like no other!

It's Time...

Time to claim 100% responsibility for your personal health and well-being.  

Time to recognize you have everything you need to heal within you, and to learn how to access those tools.

Time to reconnect with your body, choosing to feel and process old tensions.  

Time to remember you are the only expert of yourself, and release the outdated idea someone else can “fix” you (or that anything needs to be fixed!).

Time to stop giving our power over to people and systems which leave us feeling drained and stressed.  

Time to shift our attention from the outside world to our inner world.

Time to find within ourselves an untouchable peace, profound joy, and unconditional love.

It's time for a self-love revolution!

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We are One Breath: Deborah Schirmann & Lisa McNett

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