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Make yourself a priority

We heal our past, present, and future in this moment, right NOW.  When we focus on becoming present, we increase our self awareness.  We better innerstand ourselves and what drives our behavior.  We then have the opportunity to make different (healthier) choices for ourselves.  We find more self love and compassion, increasing our capacity to love and accept others.  Healing is an inside job, and also happens through relationship.  Join a community of women and men walking the walk.  To walk the walk means you're doing the (healing) work, not just talking about (or avoiding) the work.   

Awaken to Presence Membership includes:

  • Live meditations, inspirations, and teachings within a private Facebook group.

  • Weekly live Zoom class/group connection (60 min).

  • Monthly workshop including breathwork + crystal bowl sound healing (through Zoom with replay available)

  • A conscious healing community to interact with for inspiration, accountability + support.

  • Surprise giveaways + discounts on additional courses and workshops.

Heal. Transform. Soar.

When you commit to a regular program, you are saying YES to yourself.  Your life will improve. 

Your relationships will improve. 

Your health will improve. 

The value you receive in this membership is incredible!   

Choose whether to pre-pay and save, or the option of a low monthly payment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the monthly workshops be held?

A: The monthly workshop will always be held on a weekend, at a time that works for multiple time zones. I’m looking at holding them on Sundays, which are quieter for most people than Saturdays, around 1pm EST/ 6pm UK time. As a founding member, you will help decide the exact time all monthly workshops will be held.

Q: How about the weekly class, when will that happen?

A: I expect to have an international group, and will therefore offer two different times to accommodate multiple time zones. Our weekly class will be one hour and will be held Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST and 8pm UK times. This is subject to change as decided by founding members (aka you).

Q: Do I have to practice open mouth breathing to participate in the monthly workshop?

A: Nope. I’m so thrilled that Andy and I can offer crystal bowl sound healing alongside breathwork! When you attend the session, you can practice conscious connected breathwork to the sound and vibration of crystal bowls (which takes you really deep!), or you may simply enjoy the experience of the sound healing meditation.

Q: What about all the other stuff happening within the group?

A: Some teachings/meditations will be offered through pre-recorded videos, which will post early morning. Some will be shared via FB live. You will have notice as to when I’ll be going live, and if you miss the live it will be there waiting for you later.

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Discover Ultimate Freedom

One to One  Packages

It's time to take the reigns and create the life you desire.  It's time to embody your potential and be the bodacious, empowered baddass that you are - to embrace life and live boldly, authentically, and


You know there is more to life.  You feel, deep inside, you are meant for more.  You desire alignment, connection, happiness, freedom.  You may be feeling fed-up, tired, overwhelmed, anxious, even depressed.  Perhaps you feel generally well, but are ready to tap into your unexplored potential.  I'm glad you're here.

I've structured the complete package for you!

You and I meet weekly through Zoom, and you receive a recording of our time together.

You receive email and text support.

You receive a private Facebook community where I share live meditations, inspirations, and teachings.  Connect with, support and receive support from others within the community.

You receive lifetime access to all online courses released during the timeframe we are working together (excluding breathwork facililitator training, which is a 10 month professional training).

You receive free entrance to workshops hosted and led by myself (excluding collaborations).

You are invited to a weekly live Zoom class/group connection (60 min)  

As you can see, you get ALOT of support!  I'm showing up for you - and I expect you to show up for  yourself.  The work we do together won't always be easy, but it will be totally worth it (YOU'RE worth it)!  All private sessions will be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals, and will include a powerful combination of breathwork, transformative coaching, intuitive healing and reiki.  You will have personal work to do outside of our private sessions (the more you invest in yourself, the more you heal and transform).  You will also have plenty of support as you Walk the Walk (do the Work) - through your private Facebook community, email and text support, weekly group call, and online courses.  Are you ready to reclaim your POWER and TRANSFORM your life?

Let's get started!


Are you a holistic healer who is ready to step into your full power and embody your potential?  Do you feel aligned with your mission and purpose, yet find yourself struggling to move forward professionally?    

You don't need another course - you need to refine and embody your current skillset, gain confidence and clear negative beliefs, and perhaps learn a bit more about marketing and business.  I can help. 

I've mentored, trained, and consulted hundreds of students and holistic healers over more than a decade, including at a nationally renowned school for massage therapy, a leading yoga school and at two leading international breathwork schools (Alchemy of Breath and Breathing Space School of Breathwork, where I now teach).  Prior to that, I have trained and developed hundreds of people with various of expertise in my decade long career in hospitality management.

Because the world needs YOUR medicine!

Many training programs end once you receive a certificate, leaving you without community and confused about your next step - as your mentor, I help you move forward with confidence!

Let's Co-Create!

What's wonderful about working with me is we focus on exactly what YOU need. You will be expected to put in the work and implement what you're learning from our time together.

Ways I can help - 

  • Identify and overcome obstacles, self-sabotaging patterns and negative beliefs

  • Gain clarity on your vision for yourself and your business

  • Connect with your power and resources

  • Refine your skills

  • Implement practical business strategies, including social media marketing

  • Take action & be held accountable

  • Learn to trust your intuition 100%

ALL of my wisdom and experience is available to you!

Mentorship Structure

We meet weekly - rotating between one hour sessions and thirty minute sessions.  We meet online through Zoom, and you receive a recording of our time together.

You receive lifetime access to all online courses released during the timeframe we are working together 

(excluding breathwork facililitator training, which is a 10 month professional training you may be interested in).

You receive email support.

You receive free entrance to workshops hosted and led by myself (excluding collaborations).

You receive group support, inspiration, live meditations, and teachings within a private Facebook page.

You are invited to a weekly live Zoom class/group connection (60 min).

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your holistic business?  Let's get started!


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