What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Everything is frequency and vibration. Everything.

It's extremely rare for any person to have an original thought. Your mind is almost constantly thinking, but how often do you pay close attention to your thoughts and question why exactly you're having those particular ones - and what they mean? If you have a regular meditation practice, or have otherwise developed a capacity for self-inquiry, you may have some experience with this. But I believe most (all) of us can go much deeper with this practice.

The thoughts we experience can be a direct reflection of what frequency we're emitting, or tuning in to. Think of it like radio or TV. They broadcast on specific frequencies or channels, and when we're tuned in to a particular channel, we hear what is being broadcast on that station. Depending on the frequency of the station along with the music, sound, images (or all) that are being broadcast, we will then feel a certain way. This is how we're affected by the suspense of a thriller, why we may continue feeling scared hours after watching a horror film. All things have the capacity to uplift or depress us, which you may be well aware of... But to take it a step further, even with the radio and TV off, we are still tuning in and picking up thoughts and energies which match our vibration or mood, and we can also be blasted by someone or something trying to generate a response from us. You may have heard that you can change your life by changing your attitude. Maybe you've tried this, and if so I'd love to hear about your experience.

I could go so much deeper into all of that, but with that general foundation what I really want to share with you is how important it is to notice the thoughts you have and question why they're there. This morning I had the Lady Gaga song Million Reasons playing in my head. I regularly wonder why certain songs pop into my head, and today especially so. I have never been a Lady Gaga fan or listened to her music. So I began writing in my journal to explore. Here is the general thought stream from my journal (exactly as I wrote it): It seems like maybe some songs were made to stick in your head with the intention of planting a message or bringing/sticking you to a certain vibration - like how all TV is broadcast at a frequency to keep you in anxiety. In that song - A Million Reasons - words "I bow down to pray", seemingly positive (prayer), but one does not need to bow down (to a master or fearful God image). This song is also about how she has (more than) a million reasons to walk away from a person (because of horrible treatment/abuse), but wants to be given (by the abuser) one reason to stay. Of course our society or those in rule would want that message broadcast out - because they are abusing people as a whole (end journal excerpt).

We humans are beautiful beings, here to create and express, to love and live joyfully. Unfortunately, we have been suppressed and disconnected from our true nature. It's time to change this, to remember who we are and break free from generations of programming and control. To reclaim our personal sovereignty, our health, our life force energy. There are a few steps to doing this, and the first is to become aware. To notice, acknowledge, and embrace your own personal dis-eases (stressors, aches/pains, physical illness, places you give your power away). Too many people look outside of themselves for someone to fix or heal them, when you have all the tools you need for self healing within, you just need to learn how to access them, and then to actually apply the work.

If you'd like to begin tuning in to healing vibrational frequencies, there are some beautiful options to explore. Solfeggio Frequencies, crystal bowls, classical music, and didgeridoo are a few. Try listening to these frequencies instead of regular radio or TV, and see how you feel. Actually, how about starting a practice of noticing how you feel when you tune in to anything or anyone?

I'm thrilled that my husband, Andy McNett, and I are now offering - online - a monthly healing session combining breathwork and crystal bowls. These two practices are powerful on their own, and when combined the healing power is felt on all levels. You may join an individual workshop, or become an Awaken to Presence Community Member.

So, what frequency are you tuning in to? What are the thoughts floating around in your mind, and what are they there to teach you?

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