Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which relieves stress and promotes relaxation.  Reiki comes from the Japanese word "Rei", which means "Universal Life" and "Ki" which means Energy.  It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.  Reiki is a spiritual healing modality which works well with virtually all conventional and alternative healing methods.  Reiki Healers do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment.

What to expect:

Before beginning a session, you'll be invited to share an intention of your healing.  You will be comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed.  A reiki healer will gently place hands, or keep hands hovering over your body.  You may experience sensations of warmth or vibration, and may see colors or receive messages.  Most people experience Reiki as deeply relaxing.

Sessions are 45 min.

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